Thursday, September 27, 2007

Growing like a Weed

Yesterday was Hamslice's one month checkup with the pediatrician. He has already grown nearly an inch and gained 2.5 pounds! Clearly he's headed toward being tall and strong like his daddy.

He is also able to lift his head up on his own now, which seems like quite a feat because his neck just doesn't seem big enough to lift those super chubby cheeks.

On another note, some of you have asked how Maggie the dog is doing with Hamslice. So far she seems to be adjusting well -- each time we come home, she sticks her nose right into the car seat to make sure he's with us. And occasionally she'll give him a sniff while he's sleeping.

When he first came home, though, there was some confusion about who this new person was. I think she thought Hamslice was a new dog, and she was rather upset when Hamslice was able to sit on the sofa with us. As soon as she saw him on the sofa, she jumped up on the sofa herself, thinking "if the new dog can get up there, then surely I can be there too." She was a bit miffed when she was ordered back onto the ground.

She also thinks this "new dog" is a little noisy for her tastes. Some times when he's fussy, Maggie will wake up from her nap just long enough to give him the stink eye. Poor Maggie.

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