Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Google's Christmas Gift

This year I received a Christmas gift from Google -- it was a digital picture frame, which they consider a good gift for me, after my company has spent about $130,000 advertising with them.
Actually, I liked the gift too until it blew up my computer. Evidently, this Chinese-made piece of artwork doesn't have a good way to separate electrical currents inside of it, which spelled big trouble for me.

Here's how it shook out for me:
1) I loaded images
2) half of the images were broken, so I plugged the frame back into my computer to fix the images
3) After being satisfied with the images, I put the batteries into the frame to let it run continuously
4) the batteries started to go dry within ten minutes, so I plugged the frame into the wall with the power cord that came with the frame.
5) more images corrupted in the frame, so I plugged the data/USB cord into my computer (forgetting the frame was also plugged into the wall)

6) MY COMPUTER BLACKED OUT AND WOULD NOT RESTART immediately upon inserting the USB cord into my machine.

Now, $600 in repair bills and a week without my computer, I am starting to not like Google's idea for a Christmas gift.

Bah Humbug!

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