Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What We Did Over Labor Day

While many of you out there were attending barbecues and having big social time with family and friends, Hambone and I got it into our heads that we needed to find a Wardrobe to put in our living room because we currently lack a coat closet there.

After shopping the antique malls in the morning, Hambone remembered suddenly that he had a "perfectly good" wardrobe in his warehouse.

When we arrived at the warehouse, we found that the wardrobe had been walked on by his employees with drywall on their shoes, and some of his partners' dogs had peed on it, and the front door was broken in three places, and the shelves were torn out.

Here's a picture:

It didn't look like much, but I had faith. Hambone seemed dedicated to repairing the doors and every other structural problem you can see here, so I thought about how to clean this thing to make it look good again.

I settled on washing it with a scrub brush and dish soap for the really nasty stuff (including the pee) and then this great aerosol wood polish/oil that I found at the Getto Walmart by our house. As a finishing touch, I used Old English to camoflage the scratches and skishes.

Here it is in process--

And, after about 6 hours of just plain swearing at the thing, it was finally finished -- and I have to say it looks great. It's a nice addition to the room.


Prairielanding said...

I assume Olde English is not the same as 8-ball (Olde English 800), especially since 8-ball is probably better for *removing* finish than applying it.

Chesapeake Explorer said...

Yep, we used the Old English scratch cover, which basically paints the scratches dark brown so they're less noticable.

It would have been quite an adventure to accidentally use the 8Ball, and then refinish the whole thing. LOL

Anonymous said...

Well done. I'm impressed. I had no idea you're a refinisher, but did you have to use the word, "skishes?"

Chesapeake Explorer said...

But there *were* skishes. It was skished up all over the place. ;)

S. A. F. said...

That's a beautiful wardrobe.